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Normal Delivery:- This is delivery of a baby through normal (Vaginal) passage at full term of pregnancy.

Assisted Delivery :- This is a type of normal delivery where the normal force applied by labouring patient is insufficient to push the baby and additional assistance is needed with instruments like Vacuum or forceps application.

a) Vacuum Extraction:- Here a suction cup is applied to the head of baby & the same (head of baby) is pulled out with the help of suction applied through the cup. Rest of baby is pushed out by mother’s force.

b) Forceps delivery:- A pair of forceps is applied to the head of baby & baby is pulled out.

Caesarean Section:- This is a surgical procedure which is indicated in several situations during or before the beginning of normal delivery.

Various common indications for performing C-Section are:-
     1) Antepartum hemorrhage
     2) Fetal distress
     3) No progress of labour

There are several other indications for C-section.




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I Had a great experience at rp stone stone clinic the staff and specialty Lady Doctor Dr Renu Gupta (Gynecologist) is too good and a very nice person thnaks a lots to all staff and Doctor.

Gagan Khanna

Blessed with a baby here…now attached emotionally too with this place…very well supported by each and every person of RP Stone Clinic…thanks a ton to Lady Doctor Dr Renu Gupta (Gynecologist) for her extended support at eac h and every moment

Gaurav Kumar

The hospital stay was very comfortable; there was neat, hygienic and clean environment, Gynecologist Dr. Renu Gupta and her team is really good and they made our stay as like homely to us. Thanks to the team, hospital and Gynecologist Dr. Renu Gupta mam for the support and care.